Rail in GA

More than 50 years ago, Georgia said “yes” to an international airport and an interstate highway system. Both initiatives proved to be critical to our state’s economic development and extended Georgia’s competitive edge over neighboring states.

Now it’s time to say “yes” to passenger rail.

Our state was built on transportation investments, beginning with the Port of Savannah in the 1700s. Georgia developed a rail network in the 1800s that made our state the transportation backbone of the region. When the automobile arrived, Georgia became a national crossroads by creating a highway network to connect urban and rural areas. In the 20th century we invested in an airport that is now the world’s busiest, a true international gateway.

Today, our growth has reached a plateau, stalled because a roads-first transportation policy is self-limiting and will produce diminishing results. Our priorities must change to serve our diversified needs. Passenger rail investments will support better freight movements and add peak capacity to our highway network. What’s more, rail is now the most efficient way for Georgia to create jobs and economic opportunity, leverage our existing public investments and offer travel choices for the future.

A rail network can spread the wealth throughout the Southeast while allowing communities to retain their personality and character.

Along with Macon, Atlanta, and all of the cities and communities in between, Columbus has joined the GPR effort.

Click here to read Columbus’s Memo from Mayor.

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