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In Atlanta and around the country, the idea of all-purpose transportation hubs is firmly taking hold. Here are two articles that explore the idea of hubs:

In Atlanta: Atlanta came one step closer to a long-awaited Multimodal Passenger Terminal when the Georgia Department of Transportation announced its intention to hire a “master developer” to create the plan. The downtown facility would accommodate 400 buses and eight tracks for MARTA, commuter and inter-city passenger trains. Atop the terminal would be a commercial, retail and residential complex. The completed project would cost about $320 million.

Read the full Atlanta Business Chronicle story.

Around the country: Airports as all-purpose transportation hubs is an idea whose time may have come. Miami and Providence are already in the building stage. At least 10 other cities are in the talking stage. Airport-based centers would service local and long-distance passenger rail, local and regional buses, rental cars, taxis and shuttles. Several factors are driving the movement:
• Cities want to use light-rail to connect airports with downtown.
• The federal government has committed $10.5 billion for a national high-speed rail network that envisions airports as links in the system.

Read the full USAToday story.


Here are some other news stories related to passenger rail and related topics in Georgia, the Southeast and across the United States:

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