Georgians for Passenger Rail is committed to the belief that a fully developed passenger rail system is critical to keep Georgia competitive. Representing community and business leaders statewide, we believe that passenger rail is an economic development issue that benefits all parts of our state. It is truly an investment in each of our communities.

We are committed to marshaling resources, engaging citizens and community leaders and supporting the efforts of other organizations that support forward-thinking transportation planning. Georgia’s strategic location made it a center for growth and opportunity for five decades, but changing times and the demands of a new economy will require a different investment strategy and infrastructure. The next logical step for Georgia is a passenger rail network that reconnects our cities and towns.

More than 50 years ago, Georgia said yes to an international airport and a national interstate system. Both transportation initiatives proved to be critical to our state’s economic development and confirmed Georgia’s competitive edge over neighboring states. Now, it’s time for passenger rail to enhance our competitive port, highway and air travel systems.

As the national and global movement toward rail travel increases, Georgia must position itself to provide for the needs of a new economy.